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Efficient Network Routeing
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Efficient Network Routeing

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`Towards Next-Generation Inter-AS Routeing'


The Internet currently provides few mechanisms to enable network operators to exert control over traffic within their networks. Current protocols provide little support for automation of network management, leaving the construction and implementation of SLAs, and the pricing of resources entirely to the network manager.

This project aims to address this problem of efficient IP network management by the application of pricing to network resource allocation for aggregates. The goal is to devise schemes allowing automatic negotiation, selection and monitoring of SLAs subject to high-level policy descriptions provided by the network manager. Such algorithms will be investigated and implemented with the context of current Internet routeing protocols, principally BGP and OSPF.

The project is currently funded for one year, by the Marconi Research Centre, Cambridge. Project members consist of the principal investigator, Dr. Ian Pratt, a lecturer with the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Systems Research Group; the sponsor, Prof. Derek McAuley, director of the Marconi Research Centre, Cambridge; and Richard Mortier, a Ph.D. student with the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, Systems Research Group, and the research assistant for the project.


  • Efficient Network Routeing (project proposal)
    Richard Mortier and Ian Pratt
    gzipped postscript; PDF


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    Richard Mortier Ian Pratt Derek McAuley
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