Ian Pratt

Ian Pratt

o I used to be a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where I led the Systems Research Group. I was co-founder of a company called XenSource, which built virtualization software built on the open source Xen hypervisor, and left the Lab to concentrate on making the company succesful. XenSource was acquired by Citrix for $500M in 2007, and I continued at Citrix as VP of Advanced Products and CTO. In June 2011 I left Citrix to start a new company called Bromium, working in the intersection of Security and Virtualization. I remain Chairman of Xen.org.

This page is a tombstone from my time in the Lab, linking to various publications, teaching material and projects that may be useful.


As Director of Studies for Computer Science at King's College I organise supervisions for the King's-Jesus-Wolfson teaching consortium. Details of this years arrangements are available here.

At various times, I've lectured the following courses: Part II Comparative Architectures, Part II Digital Communications-2, Part IB Unix Tools, Part IA Structured Hardware Design. I also co-run the Part IA hardware practical lab. Notes for these courses are available from the teaching course material web pages.

Some of my teaching material I've been asked to link to:


o See the SRG's web pages for a complete list of publications . Below are a few papers/talks that people have asked me to provide links to:

o The Xen virtual machine monitor

o Xenoservers: A public infrastructure for global distributed computing

o Mobile Network performance o Internet performance o Dynamic Code Optimization o User-Accessible Device I/O Architecture

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Ian Pratt,
Room FN08,
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue,
Cambridge CB3 0FD
United Kingdom.
Email: Ian.Pratt@cl.cam.ac.uk
Tel : +44 1223 334639
Fax : +44 1223 334678
Mob. : +44 7767 370255

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