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Clean Slate Network Design
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Clean Slate Network Design

This workshop on Sep 18 is invitation and is sponsored by The Computer Laboratory, Intel Research Cambridge, and Microsoft Research Cambridge

The goal is to have a modest sized event where attendees can present work-in-progress in a friendly non-competitive context. Some of you may recall a similar event last year after the european SOSP...

I don't believe in top-down driven innovation, so instead we are looking at a collection of bottom-up talks and discussions, stemming from people's work and ideas, to stimulate imagination and cross-fertilisation. Any ressemblance to a structure like FIND/GENI or FP7 is purely coincidence.

We have invited ACM SIGCOMM 2007 PC members and paper authors and attendees to the event, which is to be held at Microsoft Research's Roger Needham Building on Monday september the 18th. Intel have sponsored a dinner to be in Jesus College on the monday night [7pm drinks for 7.30 Upper Hall (Alcock)).

Agenda + + draft report from the meeting

Talks are reqested to be targetted at 10-15 mins (can be shorter or a bit longer) and to stimulate/focus discussion, rather than delve into details...

Information on getting here is available.

Cambridge is fairly near Stansted airport for which low cost airlines go all over Europe, including Pisa, where ACM SIGCOMM is.

We are not directly providing accommodation, but there is information on the web - the nearest decent sized reasonable place is probably the Arundel. US visitors might prefer somewhere like the Moat House, although that is a 15 minute taxi ride from the West Cambridge site where the event is. some hotel info

Further information or suggestions, please contact: Jon Crowcroft also, Tim Griffin (timothy.griffin@cl.cam.ac.uk) has offered to help people out with local Cambridge related questions, if you want to email him the week before the event, while many of us are in Pisa... Also, my cell is 07733 231822 (says jon).

Frank Binns (Intel), Jon Crowcroft(Cambridge), Peter Key(Microsoft).

Mark's slides
Kevin's slides
Christophe's slides
Tim's slides
Steve's slides
Patrick's slides
Lukas's slides
Mort's slides
Wenjun' slides
Jon's slides
David's slides