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Energy Visualisation: Joule

Joule is a visualisation tool created to present the energy time series data captured by metering hardware installed in the Computer Lab, but can be used for any time series energy data that conforms to the Joule format (see the left sidebar). Joule presents a hierarchical view of the sensors in the building in either a functional or geographic (or indeed any) tree, and allows the user to plot data from individual or groups of sensors, for example, to compare the lighting between corridors, or to find the biggest use of energy by room.

The type of plot (line, Sankey or tree map) that Joule displays is configured by the buttons at the top right of the plot.

Joules displays either power in kW (the default) or emitted carbon rate in grams of CO2 per second. If it helps, to the nearest order of magnitude, consuming 1 kW constantly for a year cost £1k. (Actually 1kW all year works out to 8760 kWhr, so a price of 11.5 pence per kWhr unit would make it very nearly so.)

Visualisation screenshot

This screen shot shows a line diagram. The selection tree of "meters" to the left of the plot can be used to control which meters are present in the line plot. (The list may be initially "closed"; just click on the relevant black triangles.) Note that "meters" can be logical as well as physical, to denote, for example, the sum of all lighting power on the first floor.

There is a timeline cursor area under the plot that can be used to control the time interval of the plot. Click and drag on one of the ends of the grey highlight to change the time interval of the main plot. You can change the long-term interval in which the cursor resides by clicking on the "Start" and/or "End" buttons.

Otherwise, feel the force....

Joule can also create Sankey and tree map diagrams.