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Connections Subgroup
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Connections Subgroup

Automatic creation and checking of dynamic bindings and component interconnections.

This group studies dynamic binding and checking for component assemblies. We are interested in design patterns for protocols and interfaces, how these may be described in the meta-info carried with a component and how the meta-info may be used for automatic synthesis and checking of glue logic and the resulting sub-assemblies.

Current Research

  • Interface Synthesis for ESL
    Interface Automata Synthesis for assembly of system on a chip (Greaves, Nam). Orangepath.
  • C/C++ Refactoring
    Refactoring of C/C++ at the binary linkage level (Kell, Elsafty).
  • Secure Web Site Synthesis
    Generation of web site components (html, javascript, php) with formal security properties (Baltopoulos).

Current Group Members

Current members are:
  • Dr David Greaves
  • Ms Jin Nam
  • Mr Ioannis Baltopoulos
  • Ms Aisha Elsafty and
  • Mr Stephen Kell.