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Accellera IP-XACT

All IP-XACT documents use titular attributes spirit:vendor, spirit:library, spirit:name, spirit:version.

A document typically represents one of:

For each port of a component there will be a spirit:busInterface element in the document. This may have a spirit:signalMap that gives the mapping of the formal net names in the interface to the names used in a corresponding formal specification of the port. A simple wiring tool will use the signal map to know which net on one interface to connect to which net on another instance of the same formal port on another component.

There may be various versions of a component in the document, each as a spirit:view element, relating to different versions of a design: typical levels are gate-level, RTL and TLM. Each view typically contains a list of filenames as a spirit:fileSet that implement the design at that level of abstraction in appropriate language, like Verilog, C++ or PSL.

Non-functional data present includes the programmer's view with a list of spirit:register declarations inside a spirit:memoryMap or spirit:addressBlock.

Similar tools: Our Part Ib students currently use the Qsys System Integrator tool from Altera. ARM has its Socrates tool and Xilinx has IP Designer in Vivado.

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