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The Acquilex projects were funded by the European Commission under the Basic Research initiative. The goal of the first project was to explore the utility of constructing a multilingual lexical knowledge base from machine-readable versions of conventional dictionaries. The second project extended this goal by exploring the utility of machine readable textual corpora as a source of lexical information not coded in conventional dictionaries, and by adding dictionary publishing partners to exploit the lexical database and corpus extraction software developed by the projects for conventional lexicography. The ACQUILEX II project finished in September 1995.

The following information is available on-line:

Project Profile

Work Area
Computational Lexicography and Lexicology
Contact Point
Dr. E.J. Briscoe
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QG, UK
Machine-Readable Dictionaries, Textual Corpora, Semi-automatic Construction of Lexical Resources, Lexical Databases, Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Bases, Computational Lexicography

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Where are they now?

Email addresses for some researchers who were associated with Acquilex at Cambridge University
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