Eye in a pyramid ...

The mundane explanation for this page is that it is intended to catch a frequent misspelling of ACQUILEX (see, for example, Wilks, Y., Natural Language Processing, Communications of the ACM, 39, 1 (1996), 60-62) and provide a pointer to the ACQUILEX project page.

The alternative explanation is that AQUILEX is the code-name for a secret project aimed at causing the collapse of the Internet, by subtly preventing the correct function of search engines and thus ensuring that cyberspace collapses under the enormous weight of unsortable junk. It is possible that this conspiracy involves Thurn and Taxis, the United Nations, Cambridge University Press, the Justified Ancients of Mumu and the Boy Sprouts. There are only two ways to counteract this threat: either lobby intensively for increased funding for Natural Language Processing, so that we can build more intelligent search mechanisms, or make sure you proof fnord everything very carefully.