Some papers are available on-line, as indicated (see the summary page for details of format etc). Copies of other ACQUILEX II working papers can be obtained by sending a request marked ACQUILEX WORKING PAPERS to either the appropriate project partner or direct to the author as indicated below. University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Technical reports can be obtained by contacting <>.
1  A. Sanfilippo 
Verbal Diathesis: Knowledge Acquisition, Lexicon Construction and Dictionary 
(Nov 92) - Published in Coling94
Available from:

2 T. Briscoe, A. Copestake and A. Lascarides 
(Jan 93) - In P. St Dizier and E. Viegas (eds) 
Computational Lexical Semantics, Cambridge University Press, in press. 
acq2wp2 (LaTeX)

3 A. Copestake and A. Sanfilippo 
Multilingual Lexical Representation 
(Jan 93) - In Proc. of AAAI Workshop on Building lexicons for Machine 
Translation, Stanford, CA, March, 1993.
acq2wp3 (LaTeX)

4 C. Soler and M. A. Marti 
Dealing with Lexical Mismatches  
(July 93) -  Proc. of Euralex, Amsterdam, 1994
Available from: or

5 M. Taule Delor, M. A. Marti Antonin and I. Castellon Masalles
Subcategorization Alternances Generation via Lexical Rules  
(July 93)
Available from: or

6 I. Castellon 
Nominalization in the LKB Framework 
(July 93)
Available from: or

7 A. Hastings, G. Rigau, C. Soler and A. Tuells 
Loading a Bilingual Dictionary into LDB 
(July 93)
Available from: or

8  A. Ageno, F. Ribas, G. Rigau, H. Rodriguez and F. Verdejo 
TGE: Tlinks Generation Environment 
(July 93) - In Coling94
Available from: or

9 W. Martin and J. Paul 
A Lexicographical Approach to Sense Extension  
(July 93)
Available from:

10 D. Elworthy 
Part of Speech Tagging 
(July 93) - Revised version published as `Does Baum-Welch Re-estimation help 
Taggers?', ANLP-94, Stuttgart.  Available from the cmp-lg archive

11 P. Vossen 
Grammatical and Conceptual Individuation of Nouns in the Lexicon:
Computer Centrum Letteren, University of Amsterdam 
(July 94)
Available from:

12 D. Antelmi 
Italian Psychological Predicates 
Available from:

13 S. Montemagni 
Extracting Typical Subjects and Objects of Verbs of Mono- and Bi- lingual 
Available from:

14 P. Vossen 
Extracting Equivalence Relations for a Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Base 
(July 93)
Available from:

15 N. Calzolari, P. Cotoneschi, S. Montemagni and A. Spanu 
Extraction and Normalization of Noun Taxonomical Chains to Create a 
Thesaurical Set for Sense Disambiguation Tasks
Available from:

16 A. Copestake 
Constraints, Tlinks and MT 
(June 93)
acq2wp16 (LaTeX)

17 B. Jones 
Integrating Morphology into the LKB 
(Aug 93)
acq2wp17 (LaTeX)

18 F. Ribas Framis 
A Class-Based Approach to Learn Appropriate Selectional Restrictions from a 
Parsed Corpus 
(Aug 93)
Available from: or

19 W. Meijs and A. Serail 
Assessing Morphological Productivity in Corpus Data
(June 93)
Available from:

20 N Calzolari and T Briscoe 
Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Machine-readable Dictionaries and Text 
(Feb 93)  - In Coling92, International Project Day, Giardini, Pisa.
Available from:

21 A Alonge 
Lexicalization. Acquisition of Data from Italian Dictionaries: A First 
(Feb 93) 
Available from:

22 A Alonge 
Motion Verbs: Data on Meaning Components in Dictionaries and
Identification of Syntactic Properties 
(Aug 93) - In Proceedings of Euralex Conference, Amsterdam, 1994.
Available from:

23 A Copestake and T Briscoe
Semi-productive Polysemy and Sense Extension
(Jan 94) - Revised version appeared in Journal of Semantics, 12, 15-67, 1995
acq2wp23 (LaTeX)

24 I Moreno-Torres 
A Morphological Disambiguation Tool (MDT): Application to Spanish
(Feb 94)
Available from: or

25 A Samiotou, I Castellon, F Ribas and G Rigau
Translation Equivalence Via Lexicon: a Study on Tlinks 
(Feb 94)
Available from: or

26 T Briscoe
Prospects for Practical Parsing of Unrestricted Text: Robust Statistical 
Parsing Techniques 
(Mar 94) - In Oostdijk, N and de Haan, P (eds) Corpus Based Linguistics, 
Rodopi, 1994
Available from:

27 A Tuells
SAIBT User Manual
(Nov 93)
Available from: or

28 S Climent & C Soler
Lexical Mismatches: a Semantic Representation of Adjectives in the LKB
(June 94)
Available from: or

29. B Jones 
Can Punctuation Help Parsing?  
(July 94) - A longer version of a paper published in Coling94.
acq2wp29 (LaTeX) 

30 P Vossen and A Copestake
Untangling Definition Structure into Knowledge Representation
(July 94) - In Briscoe, E J., A. Copestake and V. de Paiva (eds.), 
Inheritance, Defaults and the Lexicon, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Available from:

31 S Acebo, A Ageno, S Climent, J Farreres, L Padro, F Ribas, H Rodriguez, O Soler
MACO: Morphological Analyser Corpus-Oriented 
(July 94)
Available from: or

32 M Taule Delor
Towards a VQRS Representation 
(June 94)
Available from: or

33 Jos L.Th.M.Strassen, M Moerland
The Role of Machine-Readable Corpora in the Process of Dictionary Revision at 
Van Dale
(September 94)
Available from:

34 A Lascarides, T Briscoe, N Asher, A Copestake, 
Order Independent and Persistent Typed Default Unification
(August 94) - Linguistics and Philosophy, in press.
acq2wp34 (LaTeX)

35 M Carenini, P Moreschini, M Vanocchi
Phrasal Parsing of an Italian Corpus
(September 94)
Available from:

36 V Pirrelli, N Ruimy, S Montemagni
Lexical Regularities and Lexicon Compilation. 
A Case Study: Argument Structure Alternations of Italian Verbs
(September 94)
Available from:

37 S Montemagni 
Non Alternating Argument Structures: the Causative/Inchoative Alternation in 
(September 94) - Proc. of Euralex Conf., Amsterdam, 1994.
Available from:

38 A Alonge
Lexicalisation Patterns in Italian: Analysis of Dictionaries and a Textual 
(September 94)
Available from:

39 A Harley
Cambridge Language Survey: Semantic Tagger
(August 94)
Available from:

40 A Copestake, T Briscoe, P Vossen, A Ageno, I Castellon, F Ribas, G Rigau, H Rodriguez, A Samiotou
Acquisition of Lexical Translation Relations from MRDs,
(September 94) - In Journal of Machine Translation, volume 9, issue 3
acq2wp40 (LaTeX)

41 F Ribas
Learning More Appropriate Selectional Restrictions
(August 94) - Published in Coling94.
Available from: or

42 S Montemagni
Extracting Typical Subjects and Objects of Verbs from Mono- and Bi-lingual 
(September 94)
Available from:

43 P Vossen
Distinguishing Levels in Noun Taxonomies
(July 94)
Available from:

44 D Nicholls
French and English Diathesis Alternations and the LKB 
(August 94)
Available from:

45 T Briscoe, G Grefenstette, G Padro and L Serail
Hybrid Techniques for Training HMM Part-of-Speech Taggers
(Sept 94) - Technical Report MLTT-007, Rank Xerox Research Centre, Grenoble 
Available from:

46 T Briscoe and J Carroll
Automatic Extraction of Argument Structure from Corpora 
(Sept 1994)
Available from:

47 Salvador Climent and Maria Antonia Marti
Slices of Meaning: A Study on Nouns of Portions
(June 1995) - UPC & Barcelona
Available from: or

48 Ana Fernandez Montraveta
Mismatches and Lexical Gaps in Verb Entries
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

49  Arturo Trujillo
Machine Translation with the ACQUILEX LKB
(July 1995)

50 Piek Vossen
A Functional Approach to the Grammatical and Conceptual Individuation of First
Order Nouns
(December 1994) - University of Amsterdam
Available from:

51 Piek Vossen and Annelies Bon
Extracting Psort Relations from MRDs
(June 1995) - University of Amsterdam
Available from:

52 Piek Vossen
Encoding Language Dependant Properties in a Multilingual Knowledge Base
(July 1995) - University of Amsterdam
Available from:

53 Piek Vossen, The Linguistic Versus Cognitive Role of Classifying Nouns
(July 1995) - University of Amsterdam
Available from:

54 German Rigau, Horacio Rodriguez and Jordi Turmo
Automatically Extracting Translation Links Using a Wide Semantic Taxonomy
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

55 Francesc Ribas
On Acquiring Appropriate Selectional Restrictions from Corpora Using a 
Semantic Taxonomy
(May 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

56 Lluis Padro
POS Tagging Using Relaxtion Labelling
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

57 A Ageno, S Climent, J Farreres, M Gatius, L Marquez, 
L Padro, F Ribas, G Rigau, H Rodrigues, J Turmo
Seminar on Recent Advances in NLP: A Commented Bibliography
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or
58 Eneko Agirre and German Rigau 
An Experiment on Word Sense Disambiguation of the Brown Corpus Using Wordnet
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

59 S Cervell, S Climent, R Placer
Using MACO and MDS to Tag a Balanced Corpus of Spanish
(July 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

60 Alex Lascarides and Ann Copestake
Order Independent Typed Default Unification 
(August 1995)
acq2wp60 (LaTeX)

61 Ann Copestake, Dan Flickinger, Rob Malouf, Susanne Riehemann and Ivan Sag
Translation using Minimal Recursion Semantics
(May 1995) - In Proceedings of The Sixth International Conference on 
Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation (TMI95), 
Leuven, Belgium
acq2wp61 (LaTeX)

62 Ann Copestake
Semantic transfer for Verbmobil
(June 1995)
Verbmobil report No. 93
acq2wp62 (LaTeX)

63 Alex Lascarides, Ann Copestake and Ted Briscoe
Ambiguity and Coherence
(May 1995)
acq2wp63 (LaTeX)

64 Ann Copestake
Representing Lexical Polysemy
(March 1995) - In Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium on representation 
and acquisition of lexical knowledge: polysemy, ambiguity and generativity, 
Stanford, CA, 1995
acq2wp64 (LaTeX)

65 Alex Lascarides and Ann Copestake
The pragmatics of word meaning
(May 1995) - In Proceedings of SALT V, Cornell University, 1995
acq2wp65 (LaTeX)

66 A Ageno, H Rodriguez 
Using Bidirectional Chart Parsing for Corpus Analysis
(August1995) - UPC
Available from: or

67 L Marquez, H Rodriguez 
Towards Learning a Constraint Grammar from Annotated Corpora Using Decision Trees
(August 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

68 J Atserias, J Farreras, H Rodriguez, J Turmo, F Verdejo 
Lexicographer's Interface Prototype: User Manual
(August 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

69 L Bloskma, I Castellon, A Hastings, J Turmo, F Verdejo
Towards a Lexicographer's Interface for the LDB/LKB Stystem 
(August 1995) - UPC
Available from: or

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From Phrases to Sentences. The Developments of Palco Project Phase III 
(August 1995) - Pisa
Available from:

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Do Lexical Rules Apply Across the Board? A Corpus-Based Investigation in the 
Machinery of the Causative-Inchoative Alternation in Italian
(August 1995) - Pisa
Available from:

72 S Montemagni 
The Acquisition of Taxonomical Information from Verb Definitions 
(August 1995) - Pisa
Available from:

73 A Alonge 
Lexicalisation Patterns: Semantic Components and Split Intransitivity 
(August 1995) - Pisa
Available from:

74 S Montemagni, N Ruimy, V Pirelli 
Ringing Things which Nobody Can Ring. A Corpus-Based Study of the 
Causative-Inchoative Alternation in Italian
(August 1995) - Pisa
Available from:

75 S Baugh 
The Grammatical Classification of Nouns in the Cambridge International 
Dictionary of English 
(August 1995) - CUP
Available from:

76 S Baugh, A Harley 
The Role of Corpora at Cambridge University Press 
(August 1995) - CUP
Available from:

78 T Briscoe, A Copestake 
Dative Constructions as Lexical Rules in the TDFS Framework 
(August 1995) - CCL
Available from:

79 D Nicholls 
Can Fully-Productive Lexical Rules Be Defined and Can They Apply 
Cross-Linguistically? - A Corpus-Based Study of English and French Verb 
Argument Structure Alternations 
(August 1995) - CCL
Available from:

80 A Kramer, L Bloksma (ed) 
The Semantic Aspects of Tlinks and Translation Links in Relation to the Van 
Dale Lexical Information System 
(August 1995) - Van Dale          
Available from:


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[also available as Esprit BRA-3030 Acquilex WP No. 010, University of 

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