Dr. Tian Hong Loh
User ID:tl332
Position:Industrial Research Fellow
Overview and Interests

Dr Tian Hong Loh is a Principal Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). His responsibilities include carrying out fundamental research and developing measurement technologies in support of the electronics and communication industry. He leads work at NPL on applied and computational electromagnetic metrology research. He has authored and co-authored over hundred refereed publications and holds five patents. He is currently a visiting industrial fellow at Cambridge University (CU), a visiting reader at Surrey University, a visiting senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, a Committee member of UK URSI Commission A (Electromagnetic Metrology), the project coordinator of an European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) project on ‘Metrology for 5G Communications’, a member of the IET and a senior member of the IEEE. He is an associate editor of the IET Communications Journal and is the TPC chair of 2017 IEEE International Workshop on Electromagnetics (iWEM 2017). He has also been on the technical programme committee for several international conferences, and is a technical reviewer for several international journals and for new book proposals on these subjects. His current research interests include metamaterials, computational electromagnetics, small antennas, smart antennas, electromagnetic compatibility, body-centric, wireless sensor networks, MIMO, and 5G communications.
He has been collaborating with CU since 2010 via a secondment project funded by UK National Measurement System Measurement for Innovator programme working on improving communication links between wireless nodes located in below ground chambers and the above ground antennas. In the same year, he won a 3.5-year EPSRC industrial CASE PhD project with CU. A PhD student was funded (2010 - 2014) and the work was carried out between the CU Computer Laboratory (CL) and Electromagnetic Technologies (ET) Group at NPL. The project investigated novel designs, implementation and measurements of in-vehicle wireless sensor networks for intelligent vehicle applications. The project has yielded six peer-reviewed published publications (four in IEEE journals, one in an IET journal and one at a world-leading international conference). The PhD student successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 'Wireless communication in vehicles' in Jul. 2014.
In 2014, he won a second 3.5-year EPSRC industrial CASE PhD project with CU. A PhD student started work on the project in Jan. 2016 and is being carried out jointly between the CL at CU and ET Group at NPL. The project aims to investigate novel designs, implementation and measurements of compressive sensing energy-harvesting wireless sensor networks for 5G communications.


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