Dr. Mbou Eyole-Monono (alumni)
User ID:me265
Position:Fellow of Trinity College
Overview and Interests

Imagine a world in which computing devices are always on, always connected, invisible and require no maintenance. They know where we are, understand what we are doing and can proactively determine what we require. Enhancing the current interaction between humans and computers requires augmenting their knowledge of the real-world environment, so they can be more responsive and helpful. The main challenge is the deployment of a power-efficient, low-cost and well-connected sensory infrastructure. To enable a computer to act on our behalf in any application, it not only needs to know how to do multiple tasks, but needs to understand the context so it can deliver what we want in a natural manner, at the right time and in the right place. Such fusion of computing and sensing relies on fully miniaturizing and embedding intelligent sensors in everything around us. I am developing a sensor technology which would provide real-time indoor location information on people and objects.


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