Dr. John Fawcett (alumni)
User ID:jkf21
Position:Research Associate
Homepage:http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk /~jkf21
Overview and Interests

Spatial Computing - Computing With Space. It's nice to be able to write programs that can refer to the physical configuration of the environment, but different sensor systems, middleware and interconnection networks are used around the world. The Scalable Distributed Spatial Indexing framework, developed as John's PhD work, handles these heterogeneties. See John's Thesis and Publications for details. John's first degree was in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Post-PhD, John now works as a research assistant in the LCE . John is also a Fellow of Churchill College and a member of the BCS, IEE, and RIN. John is Director of Studies for Computer Science students at Churchill College [see www.chu.cam.ac.uk for admissions info].


1. Andrew Rice, Christopher Cain, John Fawcett, "Dependable Coding of Fiducial Tags," Ubiquitous Computing Symposium, pp. 155-163, Oct 2004