Professor Haroon Ahmed (alumni)
User ID:ha10
Position:Emeritus Professor
College:Corpus Christi
Overview and Interests

Haroon Ahmed first came to the Engineering Department in 1959 having graduated at Imperial College London. He worked for his PhD with Charles Oatley and Bill Beck. He then continued to work with Charles Oatley, until Oatley retired, before moving into the new research area of electron beam lithography in 1970.

He taught electrical engineering at the Department for twenty-two years, until 1984, and saw the electronics courses change from valves to transistors and eventually to modern microelectronics. His two text books, one with Beck and the other with Spreadbury, have been used to teach many generations of students.

His research group eventually became so large that he moved it to the Science Park, although it still remained part of the Department. The Group bought themselves a car to aid commuting between the Science Park and Trumpington Street. This group left the Engineering Department in 1984 when Haroon moved to the Cavendish to set up the Microelectronics Research Centre with the aid of a large donation from Hitachi.

In August 2000 he will become the Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.


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