Tangible User Interfaces
in Context and Theory

Workshop held in association with
ACM CHI 2007 in San Jose, on 28 April 2007

Organised by: Alan Blackwell, George Fitzmaurice,
Lars Erik Holmquist, Hiroshi Ishii, Brygg Ullmer

Additional Reviewers: Lorisa Dubuc, Darren Edge, Mattias Jacobsson, Mattias Rost

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Workshop Summary

Tangible User Interface (TUI) research addresses critical issues in HCI, including reflective practice in product design, embodied interaction, and ubiquitous computing. However, these can be obscured by gadget design concepts, and the technical challenge of devices and infrastructure. This workshop was an opportunity to step aside from the frustrations of making the technology work, focusing on concerns that underlie TUI research. The workshop started with reviews of research themes emerging from position papers, emphasising current state of the field. Participants then analysed specific design challenges from industry, applying these theoretical perspectives in structured small group discussion.

Background references, together with a more detailed explanation of the workshop goals, were published as an extended abstract.

Tangible User Interfaces

Thematic Presentations

Design Challenges

Reviewed Position Papers

Workshop Participants


Wendy Leung took some photos at the workshop lunch.

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