Twenty-seventh International Workshop on Security Protocols

Trinity College, Cambridge, UK — 10-12 April 2019


Designing for humans

Hicks and Murdoch, Transparency Enhancing Technologies to Make Security Protocols Work for Humans

Reinheimer, Islam and Shumailov, Audio CAPTCHA with a few cocktails: it’s so noisy I can’t hear you

Understanding humans

Radomirović, Shaping our Mental Model of Security

Foley and Rooney, Social Constructionism in security protocols

Fresh perspectives

Mavroudis, Technical Market Manipulation as a Security Problem

Anantharaman, Kothari, Brady, Jenkins et al., Mismorphism: The Heart of the Weird Machine

Human limitations in security

Friolo, Massacci, Ngo and Venturi, Affordable Security or Big Guy vs Small Guy

Kothari, Anantharaman, Jenkins, Millian et al., Human-Computability Boundaries

Secure sharing and collaboration

Ylvisaker and Carlborg, How to Make Secure Collaborative Editing Mainstream: Cloud Storage, Usability and Scalability Tweaks

Bozorgi, Jadidi and Anderson, Challenges in designing a distributed cryptographic file system

Is the future finally arriving?

Chuat, Plocher and Perrig, Zero-Knowledge User Authentication: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come

Gligor, A Rest Stop on the (Never Ending) Road to Provable Security

Evidence of humans behaving badly

Yan, From Sicilian mafia to Chinese 'scam villages'

Vasile, Kleppmann, Thomas and Beresford, Ghost trace on the wire? Using key evidence for informed decisions


Kraus, Ukrop, Matyas and Fiebig, Evolution of SSL/TLS Indicators and Warnings in Web Browsers

Ahmed, Shumailov and Anderson, Snitches Get Stitches: On the Difficulty of Whistleblowing


Program announced
15 Mar 2019

The workshop program has been announced.

Invitations sent
11 Feb 2019

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