Twenty-seventh International Workshop on Security Protocols

Trinity College, Cambridge, UK — 10-12 April 2019

The Twenty-seventh International Workshop on Security Protocols will take place from Wednesday April 10th to Friday April 12th, 2019 at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK. As with previous years, attendance at the International Workshop on Security Protocols is by invitation only.

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Invitations to authors of accepted position papers will be sent by 11 Feb 2019.


The theme of the 2019 workshop is "security protocols for humans". Getting protocol details right is critical in the presence of a malicious adversary, but so is understanding the context in which a protocol is deployed: protocols are components of larger systems that human beings put their trust in. How can we design protocols to expose meaningful information about state and functionality to their users? What are the consequences when we don’t? How can we bridge the gap between technical definitions of protocol correctness and users' security expectations?

Note: this theme is not intended to restrict the topic of your paper, but to help provide a particular perspective and focus to the discussions. Our intention is to stimulate discussion likely to lead to conceptual advances, or to promising new lines of investigation, rather than to consider finished work.


Short indicative submissions are preferred, preferably no more than 2000 words. You will have the opportunity to extend and revise your paper both before the pre-proceedings are issued, and again after the workshop. At the workshop, you will be expected to spend about ten minutes introducing the idea of your paper, in a way which facilitates a longer more general discussion. Pre-proceedings will be provided at the workshop.

See the Submission page for more details.


If you have any enquiries about the workshop that are not answered by the Dates, Ground Rules or Submission pages, please contact the Chair of this year’s organising committee (Jonathan Anderson).


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6 Jan 2019

We have finished accepting submissions to SPW2019.

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4 Dec 2018

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