Cambridge Computer Laboratory, March 10th 2016


Session 1 (11:30 – 12:30)

Paula Fiddi, University of Oxford, PhD, Security Investigating the Impact of Gender Differences on Cyber Security Skills
Oya Celiktutan, University of Cambridge, RA, Graphics Automatic Analysis of Personality for Human-Robot Interaction
Varduhi Yeghiazaryan, University of Oxford, PhD, Graphics Common Evaluation Measures in Medical Image Segmentation: Experimental Comparison
Helen Oliver, University of Cambridge, RA, Systems Towards software applications for value co-creation in an ecosystem of digital services in the Internet of Things

Session 2 (14:00 – 15:15)

Negar Miralaei, University of Cambridge, PhD, Computer Architecture Ameretat: A Hierarchical Processor Aging Model
Elizabeth Philips, University of Oxford, PhD, Systems Social Network Analysis techniques
Olesya Razuvayevskaya, University of Cambridge, PhD, Natural Language Processing Enthymemes. Patterns, origins and potential ways of computational analysis
Apoorva Honnegowda Roopa, University of Oxford, MSc, Natural Language Processing Constructing Sentiment Sensitive Vectors for Word Polarity Classification
Maria Gorinova, University of Cambridge, RA, Programming Languages A Live, Multiple-Representation Probabilistic Programming Environment for Novices

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford