CMSB 2016

14th International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology

21st - 23rd September 2016, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge (UK)


The 14th conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB2016) will take place on the 21st to 23rd September 2016 in Cambridge. Its aim is to bring together researchers from across biological, mathematical, computational and physical sciences who are interested in the study and modelling of biological systems.

CMSB2016 will be hosted at Cambridge University Computer Laboratory.

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  • IEEE TCSIM best poster award goes to: David Shorthouse, Angela Riedel, Jacqueline Shields and Benjamin Hall, "Deregulation of Osmotic Regulation Machinery Explains and Predicts Cellular Transformation in Cancer and Disease"
  • IEEE TCSIM best student paper goes to: Michael Backenköhler, Luca Bortolussi and Verena Wolf, "Generalized Method of Moments for Stochastic Reaction Networks in Equilibrium"
  • NVIDIA best paper award goes to: Eugen Czeizler, Cristian Gratie, Wu Kai Chiu, Krishna Kanhaiya and Ion Petre, "Target Controllability of Linear Networks"
  • 6 September 2016: Proceedings are available online.


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