What is Computer Science (CS) Anyway?

Ever wondered what the best way to solve a Rubik’s cube or a sudoku puzzle is? Computer Scientists love puzzles logical thinking tasks like these-after all, the ultimate embodiment of logical thinking is the computer. So whilst the subject is called ‘Computer Science’, it involves much more than just computers or ‘IT’. (It’s a bit like calling English ‘writing science’: there’s so much more to English than writing.)

These days we think of CS as the study of information, and it’s now at the heart of modern society. Computer Science is everywhere: it ensures that your Facebook page is accessible; that road traffic flows optimally; that we can predict tomorrow’s weather reasonably confidently; that there’s a dial tone when you want to use your phone. Computer Science has dramatically changed the world we live in, and the world needs Computer Scientists to create the future.

And don’t be fooled into thinking CS is meant for geeks who want to sit at a computer, programming in a darkened room for the rest of their lives. CS at Cambridge is for people who want to understand how the modern world works, and who want to influence it in the future. The skills we teach are in such demand that our graduates are spoilt for choice when it comes to job offers from local and global industry. Starting salaries are high, opportunities in a range of industries are plentiful, and we have more than our fair share of entrepreneurs in our midst!