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Additional Topics

Lecturer: Professor A. Hopper and others

No. of lectures: 16


The aim of this course is to broaden the experience of students by asking expert guest lecturers to discuss real-world issues which are of current interest to the computer community.


  • Wireless Data Services [1 lecture]
    Dr S Garth
  • Location Technology and Context Aware Systems [2 lectures]
    Professor A. Hopper
  • Spatial Computing and Cars [1 lecture]
    Dr J.K. Fawcett
  • Cryptography, Security, and Ubiquitous Computing [3 lectures]
    Dr F.M. Stajano
  • Advanced Protocols [2 lectures]
    Dr G. Mapp
  • Thin Client Systems [2 lectures]
    Dr A. Harter
  • Location Technology and Context Aware Systems [1 lecture]
    Professor A. Hopper
  • Broadband fixed wireless access [1 lecture]
    Dr I. Wassell
  • The Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) [1 lecture]
    Dr A Jones


At the end of the course students should

  • realise that the range of issues affecting the computer community is very broad

  • be able to take part in discussions on several subjects at the frontier of modern computer engineering

Recommended reading

Stajano, F.M. (2002). Security for ubiquitous computing. Wiley. ISBN 0-470-84493-0
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Hopper, A. (1999). Sentient computing. The Royal Society Clifford Paterson Lecture 1999. Available for download from
Yang, S.J., Nieh, J., Selsky, M. & Tiwari, N. (2002). The performance of remote display mechanisms for thin-client computing. In Proceedings of the 2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Monterey, CA, June 10-15, 2002, pp. 131-146.
Global Positioning System Overview:
Brown, C.M. & Terzopoulos, D. (ed.) (1995). Real-time Computer Vision. Cambridge University Press.
Webb, W. Introduction to wireless local loop. Second Edition: Broadband and Narrowband Systems.
Broadband Wireless Association:

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