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Group Project

Lecturers: Professor R.J. Anderson and Dr A.F. Blackwell

No. of lectures and practicals: 4 + 6

Prerequisite courses: Software Engineering or Design, Programming in Java, Structured Hardware Design


The aim of this course is to give students a realistic introduction to software development as practised in industry. This means working against rigid deadlines, with a team of colleagues not of one's own choosing, using externally prescribed tools to undertake a fixed project.


  • Initial project briefing. Software engineering: design, quality and management, application of course material, preparation for final-year projects. Selection of a topic from several options. Formation of groups, selection of tools, review meetings.

  • Project management. The problems of managing a team of software developers. Planning, organising, motivating and controlling. The experience of industry.

  • Administrative arrangements. Announcement of group members. Deliverables: functional specification and module design, module implementation and testing, system integration, testing and documentation. Timetable. Advice on specific tools. First project meeting.

  • Presentation techniques. Public speaking techniques and the effective use of audio-visual aids. Planning a talk; designing foils; common mistakes to avoid.


At the end of the course students should have a good understanding of how software is developed. They should have consolidated the theoretical understanding of software development acquired in the Software Engineering course. They should appreciate the importance of planning and controlling a project, and of documentation and presentation. They should have gained confidence in their ability to develop significant software projects and Part IB students should be prepared for the personal project they will undertake in Part II.

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