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Luana Bulat (Făgărășan)

Short biography

I'm a final year PhD student in the Natural Language and Information Processing Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. My advisor is Dr. Stephen Clark and I am funded by the EPSRC.

Before starting my PhD, I completed the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, as well as an undergraduate degree (BSc in Computer Science) at the University of Leicester.

In 2015 I was awarded one of the Women Techmakers scholarships (formerly the Google Anita Borg Scholarship Programme) for the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) region. The Women Techmakers scholarship is awarded based on academic performance, leadership, and impact on the community of women in tech.

Selected activities


Conference papers

  • Modelling metaphor with attribute-based semantics
    Luana Bulat, Stephen Clark and Ekaterina Shutova
    Proceedings of EACL 2017, Valencia, Spain.
  • Learning to Negate Adjectives with Bilinear Models
    Laura Rimell, Amandla Mabona, Luana Bulat and Douwe Kiela
    Proceedings of EACL 2017, Valencia, Spain.
  • Vision and Feature Norms: Improving automatic feature norm learning through cross-modal maps
    Luana Bulat, Douwe Kiela and Stephen Clark
    Proceedings of NAACL-HLT 2016, San Diego, CA.
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  • Grounding semantics in olfactory perception
    Douwe Kiela, Luana Bulat and Stephen Clark
    Proceedings of ACL 2015, Beijing, China.
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  • From distributional semantics to feature norms: grounding semantic models in human perceptual data
    Luana Făgărășan, Eva Maria Vecchi and Stephen Clark
    Proceedings of the Short Papers of the 11th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2015), London, UK.
    (Also appeared in NIPS Workshop on Learning Semantics 2014, Montreal, Canada.)
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  • Reducing Dimensions of Tensors in Type-Driven Distributional Semantics
    Tamara Polajnar, Luana Făgărășan and Stephen Clark
    Proceedings of the Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing Conference (EMNLP 2014), Doha, Qatar.

Workshop papers

  • Virtual Embodiment: A Scalable Long-Term Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Research
    Douwe Kiela, Luana Bulat, Anita Vero and Stephen Clark
    Machine Intelligence Workshop, NIPS 2016, Barcelona, Spain


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