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Syllabi/Course Administration

A university course has a lot of intertwined administration, much of which can be accessed in many contexts. UCL CS has a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses made up of modules, with various possible options. Some of these options can be taken in different years as well. The department also publishes booklets about its courses, that contain more global information about the College, and the views of students. The Syllabi can be referenced from the timetable information. This is accessed by students and staff to find where they should be and when. Examination information may also be linked in and so on. The easiest way to express all this linkage is through a hypertext web. The use of WWW also allows each owner of a course to control its source and update it asynchronously (i.e. not all at the start of term, or two weeks later as is often lamentably the case!).

Roles, such as timetabler, or examiner, can be changed, and easily learned without exchange of large amounts of expertise which can now be embedded in the links in the web. Some of this can be seen in 6.1.

Figure 6.1:  Course Administration

Brochures, syllabi, etc and searchable project list, as well as options and timetables can easily be converted to be stored in your server as in 6.2. A natural extension might be to provide timetables via a CGI backend again to search for person, room, course etc.

Figure 6.2:  Course Syllabi

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