Computer Laboratory

Project ideas

This page contains ideas which I think could be worked up into Part II/III/PhD projects and which I would be happy to help supervise.

  • A decentralised self filtering system along the lines of my proposed architecture.
  • A framework for paying not to see adverts (more detail on this later)
  • A Nigori based location sharing system, Tom Sparrow wrote an android client that did the location anonymisation stuff from the point of view of restricting access to location information for apps, the same approach could be applied to sharing with friends using Nigori.
  • Getting encrypted email right is hard, surely we can do better?
  • Encrypted text messaging system using DH and existing infrastructure.
  • It would be useful to know when a journey is going to be made more difficult by weather/transport issues in advance, this information is available, can we build a system such that users can subscribe to be told when it is going to rain on their journey or be disrupted by transport problems and suggest alternative solutions (leave half an hour earlier, get a different train).

Other related (or not so related) ideas are welcome, just send me an email