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Structured Hardware Design
Computer Laboratory > Course material 2004-05 > Structured Hardware Design

Structured Hardware Design

Principal lecturer: Dr David Greaves
Taken by: Part IA (50% option)

Past exam questions

  • Long Form Lecture Notes Structured Hardware Design (PDF).

  • Lecture Slides: Structured Hardware Design SLIDES (PDF).

    Note: there is more information in these notes and slides than can be covered in lectures. In addition, each lecture will include time devoted to a worked design example that is not covered in the notes and slides.

    Other Material

  • Here is a simple guide to the Verilog Language A Verilog Learner's Subset (PDF).

  • Somewhat out-of-date notes for the old Ia Systems Course Systems Design (PDF).

    Note: Verilog is only introduced for reference purposes. It will be useful to Ib students but is not examinable for Ia.