Distributed Systems

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Principal lecturer: Dr Jean Bacon (jmb@cl.cam.ac.uk)
Taken by: Part II, Part II (General), Diploma

Past exam questions
Here is the postscript version of the course notes.

This paper, computer-march2000.pdf gives an overview of the Cambridge Event Architecture and OASIS.

At SOSP17, Dec 99, Jerome Saltzer of MIT gave a keynote address which included some spectacular failures of system design. Here is the pdf: Saltzerthumbnails.pdf.

Some of the chapters of Concurrent Systems are relevant to this course (see the study guide for a list). Here is the text of those that are new in edition 2: Each chapter of CS has exercises. Edition 1 had an Instructor's Guide, published by Addison Wesley, and the parts of this containing the exercises and solutions are available in the book locker. Addison Wesley have funded a web-browsable Instructor's Guide for Edition 2. It is available here *for local use only*. Click on "Exercise solutions" (top left) then select the appropriate chapter. Outside Cambridge it is available only to teachers - please respect this.

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