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Dr Ross Anderson (
Security (lectures at 11:00 starting 21-Jan-00)
Software Engineering I (lectures at 11:00 starting 17-Feb-00)
Introduction to Security (lectures at 12:00 starting 07-Mar-00)

Dr Jean Bacon (
Operating System Foundations (lectures at 12:00 starting 07-Oct-99)
Concurrent Systems (lectures at 10:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Distributed Systems (lectures at 12:00 starting 27-Apr-00)

Dr Ted Briscoe (
Natural Language Processing (lectures at 12:00 starting 24-Jan-00)

Dr William Clocksin (
Artificial Intelligence (lectures at 10:00 starting 27-Oct-99)
Prolog for Artificial Intelligence (lectures at 11:00 starting 18-Feb-00)

Dr Anuj Dawar (
Introduction to Functional Programming
Complexity Theory

Dr John Daugman (
Information Theory and Coding (lectures at 11:00 starting 07-Oct-99)
Continuous Mathematics (lectures at 11:00 starting 24-Nov-99)
Neural Computing (lectures at 12:00 starting 20-Jan-00)
Computer Vision (lectures at 11:00 starting 27-Apr-00)

Dr Neil Dodgson (
Advanced Graphics and HCI (lectures at 10:00 starting 12-Oct-99)
Computer Graphics and Image Processing (lectures at 10:00 starting 08-Mar-00)

Prof Mike Gordon (
Specification and Verification I (lectures at 11:00 starting 05-Nov-99)
Specification and Verification II (lectures at 11:00 starting 28-Apr-00)

Dr Steven Hand (
Operating System Functions (lectures at 11:00 starting 20-Jan-00)
Operating Systems (lectures at 12:00 starting 27-Apr-00)

Prof Andy Hopper (
Additional Topics (lectures at 11:00 starting 18-Feb-00)

Dr Richard Jennings
Professional Practice and Ethics (lectures at 11:00 starting 04-Nov-99)

Dr Frank King (
Foundations of Programming (lectures at 10:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Probability (lectures at 11:00 starting 20-Jan-00)

Dr Jack Lang
Business Studies (lectures at 12:00 starting 28-Apr-00)

Prof Ian Leslie (
Computer Systems Modeling (lectures at 11:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Digital Electronics (lectures at 11:00 starting 09-Oct-99)
Digital Communications II (lectures at 12:00 starting 05-Nov-99)
Digital Communications I (lectures at 10:00 starting 17-Feb-00)

Dr Ken Moody (
Mathematics for Computation Theory (lectures at 12:00 starting 05-Nov-99)
Computation Theory (lectures at 11:00 starting 21-Jan-00)
Databases (lectures at 10:00 starting 28-Apr-00)

Dr Simon Moore (
ECAD (lectures at 10:00 starting 07-Oct-99)
Computer Design (lectures at 10:00 starting 26-Oct-99)

Dr Arthur Norman (
Learning Day (lectures at 17:00 starting 21-Oct-99)
Compiler Construction (lectures at 10:00 starting 21-Jan-00)
Programming in Java (lectures at 12:00 starting 08-Feb-00)
Foundations of Functional Programming (lectures at 11:00 starting 27-Apr-00)

Dr Mike O'Donohoe (
Numerical Analysis I (lectures at 11:00 starting 04-Nov-99)
Numerical Analysis II (lectures at 12:00 starting 18-Feb-00)

Dr Larry Paulson (
Logic and Proof (lectures at 12:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Foundations of Computer Science (lectures at 12:00 starting 09-Oct-99)
Software Engineering II (lectures at 11:00 starting 02-Mar-00)

Dr Andrew Pitts (
Semantics of Programming Languages (lectures at 12:00 starting 07-Oct-99)
Types (lectures at 10:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Regular Languages and Finite Automata (lectures at 11:00 starting 27-Apr-00)

Dr Ian Pratt (
Unix Tools (lectures at 11:00 starting 08-Nov-99)
Comparative Architectures (lectures at 11:00 starting 17-Feb-00)
Structured Hardware Design (lectures at 11:00 starting 12-May-00)

Dr Martin Richards (
Introduction to Algorithms (lectures at 11:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Data Structures and Algorithms (lectures at 11:00 starting 18-Oct-99)
Comparative Programming Languages (lectures at 10:00 starting 20-Jan-00)

Dr Peter Robinson (
VLSI Design (lectures at 12:00 starting 08-Oct-99)
Further Java (lectures at 10:00 starting 05-Nov-99)
Discrete Mathematics (lectures at 12:00 starting 13-Nov-99)

Dr Karen Sparck Jones (
Information Retrieval (lectures at 11:00 starting 20-Jan-00)
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