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  1. Why is a modular design better than a flat one?
  2. What do the parameters `ha, `hb, `hc, `hd in the defines.v represent?
    Hint: you may find it useful to read the VGA information sheet.

Ticking Criteria

  • The speed of the ball should be controlled by the lower 8 switches. The speed of the bat should be proportional to that of the ball.
  • Neither the ball nor the bats should be able to go off-screen.
  • The score should only increment when a player hits the ball.
  • You must give a live demonstration of your solution.
  • Your Verilog code needs to be cleanly formatted and commented
  • Answers to the questions for this exercise must be added to the end of your code
  • The following header must be added to all code submitted:
        // ECAD & Architecture Practical Class - Exercise 1 - Pong
        // Your name
        // Your college
        // Your CRSid
        // Date

Ticking Procedure

  1. Give a live demonstration of the working pong game to one of the demonstrators.
  2. Show your work and answers to the questions (on screen or paper) to one of the demonstrators. They will award you with a tick if the work is up to standard.
  3. Print out your final work and add it to your portfolio to be submitted as instructed in the Head of Department Notice.