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Excursions on Exact Real-Number Computation

Martín Escardó

School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham

The subject of this talk has its origins in intuitionistic/constructive/effective real analysis. It started in around 1920 with some thoughts by Brouwer about calculation with infinite decimal expansions and other realizations of real numbers.

Since then, it has split in various directions in mathematics and logic, which will be briefly explored. There are many interesting and surprising results, some negative (algorithms that one would expect to exist turn out to be impossible) and some positive (algorithms whose existence one would quickly dismiss turn out to be possible). Somewhat puzzlingly, the three fields mentioned in the first paragraph don't share the same sets of positive and negative results, even though all of them are meant to capture the computational content of analysis. I'll briefly indicate what is going on.

A recent direction, in computer science this time, has been (1) the implementation of these ideas, and (2) the design of built-in abstract data types for real numbers with infinite precision in traditional programming languages. After briefly reporting some progress by various people on (1), I'll discuss in more detail progress on (2), including some notorious open problems.

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