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Seminars will be held in the Lecture Theatre 1 - William Gates Building, Computer Laboratory at 4.15pm
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Quantitative Program Analysis

Chris Hankin

Imperial College, London

We present a new approach to program analysis of probabilistic transition systems. The approach uses classical notions from linear algebra rather than the more usual order-theoretic notions. One advantage of this new approach is that we can measure the difference between different solutions. This has proved useful in the analysis of security where many notions of non-interference are based on certain kinds of process equivalence. In this introductory talk, we focus on the lambda calculus.

We will start by reviewing the classical approach to program analysis based on abstract interpretation. We will take (first-order) strictness analysis as a running example. We extend the lambda calculus with a probabilistic choice operator and then introduce a characterisation of the reduction graph of a term as a linear operator on some suitably defined vector space representing the set of terms. We introduce a new notion of program analysis which we call probabilistic abstract interpretation. We show how this framework may be used to study the strictness of probabilistic terms.

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