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Seminars will be held in the Lecture Theatre 1 - William Gates Building, Computer Laboratory at 4.15pm
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Computational Approach to Microarray, Gene Networks and System Biology

Pietro Lio*

Computer Laboratory, Cambridge

Increasingly, biological processes are being studied through the expression data collected for large numbers of genes. I will present statistical and wavelet algorithms applicable to RNA and protein expression data, demonstrate their application to published yeast RNA expression time series and present issues related to statistical assessment of considering multiple time series from repeated experiments. Using the output from these algorithms, I will consider Bayesian models and stochastic search techniques to identify gene network elements. Recently, I started working on modelling liver and microcirculation in health and disease condition. I will show preliminary results of this system biology project using cellular automata and advection-diffusion models. This seminar is an introduction to bioinformatics and computational biology for computer scientists and a presentation of the projects I am currently involved. A series of informal seminars on Computational Biology-related topics for researchers and students of the dept may follow shortly, depending on the interest in the topics.

* Pietro Lio is, since January, a University Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory, working in Algorithms for Computational Biology. He was previously with the MRC Human Genome Mapping Project.

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