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Seminars will be held in the Lecture Theatre 1 - William Gates Building, Computer Laboratory at 4.15pm
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Concurrent Exception Handling and Resolution in Distributed Object Systems

Brian Randell--Brendan Murphy Award Lecture

University of Newcastle

We address the problem of how to handle exceptions in distributed object systems. In a distributed computing environment exceptions may be raised simultaneously in different processing nodes and need to be treated in a coordinated manner. Mishandling concurrent exceptions can lead to catastrophic consequences. We take two kinds of concurrency into account, arising from: (i) several objects that are designed collectively and invoked concurrently to achieve a global goal, and (ii) multiple objects (or object groups) that are designed independently and compete for the same system resources. A new distributed algorithm for resolving concurrent exceptions has been developed - and several case studies undertaken. These include one that involved the design, implementation and validation of a control system for the "Fault-Tolerant Production Cell", a safety-critical system design challenge posed by FZI (Forschungszentrum Informatik).

Joint work with Jie Xu and Alexander Romanovsky.

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