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Deployment status
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Deployment status


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Deployment status




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We are currently in Stage 2 of the envisaged deployment sequence, providing access to a limited number of testers with some amount of prior experience with similar systems.

If you have not received an invite yet and would like to, please contact us.

Stage 0:

  • Deployment of experimental XenoServer code on VM0 of several Xen-enabled machines.
  • Porting the code to run in VM1 (VMU).
  • Building installation utilities and configuration.
  • Building monitoring and management tools.
  • Improving GUI and producing documentation.

Stage 1:

  • Deployment of experimental XenoServer code on VM1 of several Xen-enabled machines in the Computer Lab network.
  • Security evaluation.
  • Testing and monitoring system operation, bug-fixing.

Stage 2:

  • Deployment of XenoServer code on machines outside the Computer Laboratory network
  • Invitations to a limited number of testers to join the platform
  • Intensive monitoring and bug-fixing

Stage 3:

  • Invitations to a greater number of testers from the Computer Laboratory and other institutions. Initially invites will be restricted to people with relevant experience of distributed computing platforms.
  • Montoring and collection of usage data
  • Bug-fixing

Stage 4:

  • Public deployment by invitation only