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January 22nd 2004
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XenoServers: Infrastructure for Global Computing

Ian Pratt
Rather than the normal SRG seminar, we'll be using this week's slot to bring everyone up to date with state of the world as regards XenoServers, and our plans for taking the project forward. If you're working in an area even vaguely related to XenoServers it would be very helpful if you could attend. We want to initiate an effort to 'polish' and integrate some of the cool work that is already going on, with the aim of writing a heavy-hitting OSDI paper, and also getting the code deployed for real across a set of machines around the world. (We have funding for the latter!) I'll give a 30 min talk, then we'll open the floor for discussion. If you want to be part of something big, be there or miss out ;-)