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February 19th 2004
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ISWN (Integrated Services Wireless Network)

Richard Akester

The expression "integrated services" generally refers to the combination of data and audio/video services over the same network, and is a subject that has been studied for decades. Still, the divergent network requirements of these types of information means that no clear answers have emerged as to the best way to carry such streams. With the 802.11 wireless LAN standard appealing to both pure data users (for its replacement for wired local nets), and consumer electronics companies (for its capacity to carry multimedia), questions are again raised as to its suitability to carry both of these data types simultaneously. This seminar will present the speaker's experience of running DVB-T TV streams over an 802.11 network, demonstrating some of the pitfalls and unexpected problems which emerge. It will become clear that streaming high quality, high bandwidth TV over an 802.11 wireless network is itself extremely difficult, let alone mixing this with other data streams while preserving the QoS of the TV streams. Some examples of current proposals for extensions to the 802.11 standard to enable integrated services will also be presented.