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November 28th 2002
Computer Laboratory > Research > Systems Research Group > NetOS > Seminars > November 28th 2002

DMaps: A Global Internet Host Distance Estimation Service

Sugih Jamin
There is an increasing need to quickly and efficiently learn network distances, in terms of metrics such as latency or bandwidth, between Internet hosts. For example, Internet content providers often place data and server mirrors throughout the Internet to improve access latency for clients, and it is necessary to direct clients to the closest mirrors based on some distance metric in order to realize the benefit of mirrors. We suggest a scalable Internet-wide architecture, called IDMaps, which measures and disseminates distance information on the global Internet. Higher-level services can collect such distance information to build a virtual distance map of the Internet and estimate the distance between any pair of IP addresses. We present our solutions to the measurement server placement and distance map construction problems in IDMaps. We show that IDMaps can indeed provide useful distance estimations to applications such as closest-mirror selection.