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February 13th 2003
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Modelling Incentives for Collaboration in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sven Ostring
The concept of introducing incentives for collaboration into the architecture of mobile ad hoc networks is an important step. Incentives motivate nodes to cooperate so that multi-hop communication is achievable and utilisation of energy and spectrum resources can be improved. The introduction of incentives also allows us to consider the dynamics of cooperation and the preferences of nodes within a system. This leads us naturally to the use of pricing mechanisms, which have found application in rate control in wireline networks and resource control in wireless networks.

In this talk, the issue of how prices can be determined automatically, and in a distributed fashion, will be considered, together with how routes can be selected based on the price of forwarding traffic along a particular route. The stability of the system is demonstrated through simulations. Dynamic networks are also studied, where users can enter, leave and move through the network. This research will be placed in the broader context of resource management in mobile and wireless networks.