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Internet Traffic Classification Using Bayesian Analysis Techniques
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Internet Traffic Classification Using Bayesian Analysis Techniques

Data by Dataset

Data used in Andrew W. Moore and Denis Zuev, "Internet Traffic Classification Using Bayesian Analysis Techniques" in the Proceedings of the ACM SIGMETRICS June 2005, Banff, Canada (PDF)


Denis Zuev and Andrew W. Moore, "Traffic Classification using a Statistical Approach", in the Proceedings of Sixth Passive and Active Measurement Workshop (PAM 2005), March/April 2005, Boston, MA (PDF)

Ten data sets (gzip'd) between 5 and 17 MBytes

Set 01 Set 02 Set 03 Set 04 Set 05 Set 06 Set 07 Set 08 Set 09 Set 10

One data sample for the same site, about 12 months later

Each file is in the format appropriate to be read by the Weka toolkit

A techreport describing the discriminators (features) of this paper is now available as:

Andrew Moore, Denis Zuev and Michael Crogan, "Discriminators for use in flow-based classification", Technical Report RR-05-13, Department of Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London, August, 2005.

Also available as a PDF document

Scripts for creating your own sets of discriminators are available under the Brasil Downloads