Kiwi is a compiler and library and infrastructure for hardware accelerator synthesis and general support for high-performance scientific computing. The output is intended for execution of on FPGA or in custom silicon on ASIC.

We aim to compile a fairly broad subset of the concurrent C# language subject to some restrictions:

For Kiwi 1, the current version, we have the following aims:

In Kiwi 2 we will relax the static restrictions and allow the size of data structures in DRAM to be determined at runtime.

Download and License

Kiwi has been given to several academic institutions for early experiments. A usable release is envisioned early 2016 and this will be downloadable on completion of a web form. The web form will be on this url:

Open Source ?

Is Kiwi open source? Currently the source code has been shared with a few tens of partners. Kiwi will become completely open source at the end of 2016.


Neither the authors nor their employers warrant that the Kiwi system is correct, usable or noninfringing. It is an academic prototype. We accept no responsibility for direct or indirect loss or consequential loss to the maximum amount allowable in UK law.

David Greaves 2016-12-05