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Logic and Semantics Seminar
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Logic and Semantics seminars are usually held at 2pm on Fridays in room FW11. Talks are of relevance to the Automated Reasoning Group and/or the Theory and Semantics Group. The seminars are organized by Tom Ridge. Please contact him if you would like more information or would like to suggest a speaker or offer to talk yourself.

Easter Term 2005

29th April
John Tucker, University of Wales, Swansea
Computation and Specification with Continuous Data
6th May
James Cheney, University of Edinburgh
Nominal Logic Programming
13th May
Daniele Varacca, Imperial College
Semantic Subtyping for the pi-Calculus
20th May
Neil Yorke-Smith, SRI International
A Framework for Constraint Reasoning with Uncertain Data
3rd June
14:00 FW09
Pablo Arrighi, IMAG, Grenoble
Linear-Algrabraic Lambda Calculus
8th July
Lars Birkedal, IT University of Copenhagen
Semantics of Separation-Logic Typing and Higher-Order Frame Rules

Michaelmas Term 2004

15th October
John Reynolds, Carnegie Mellon
Toward a Grainless Semantics for Shared-Variable Concurrency
29th October
Dietmar Berwanger, RWTH Aachen
Hope and Trust in Infinite Games
12th November
Peter O'Hearn, Queen Mary, University of London
Resources, Concurrency and Local Reasoning
19th November
Richard Bornat, Middlesex University
Permissions, Concurrency, Resourcing:
A Breakthrough and a Grand Challenge
26th November
Phil Scott, University of Ottawa and University of Oxford
Geometry of Interaction and the Dynamics of Proofs
Mon 6th December
FW11 14:00
and Tue 7th December
FW26 14:00
Samson Abramsky and Bob Coecke, University of Oxford
Abstract Quantum Mechanics:
High-Level Methods for Quantum Computation and Information

Lent Term 2005

4th February
Max Kanovich, Queen Mary, University of London
Resolving Problems in the World of Integer Partitions by Techniques from the Rewriting World
Wed 16th February
14:00 FW26
Ian Stark, University of Edinburgh
Free-Algebra Models for the Pi-Calculus
18th February
14:00 MSR
Mark Ryan, University of Birmingham
Verifying Accessibility in Access Control Systems
25th February
Randy Pollack, University of Edinburgh
Reasoning about Languages with Binding: Can we do it yet?
Thu 3rd March
11:30 FW26
Tom Ridge, University of Edinburgh
Lessons From Some Recent Case Studies in HOL
4th March
David Pichardie, ENS de Cachan
Formal Development of Java Byte Code Abstract Interpreters
4th March
14:00 LT2
Martín Escardó, University of Birmingham
Operational Domain Theory and Topology of a Sequential Programming Language
11th March
Philippa Gardner, Imperial College
Local Reasoning about Tree Update
Tue 22nd March
12:00 SW01
Tim Fernando, Trinity College, Dublin
Propositions-as-Types and Regular Languages for Natural Language Semantics