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Talks in 1998/99

Talks are generally given on Fridays in term, at 2pm in TP4, although out of term dates are also available.

Michaelmas Term

(Tuesday 6th October - Friday 4th December)

Date Speaker Title
Wednesday 23rd September in the Discussion Room John Longley The Sequentially Realizable Functionals Abstract
16th October Graham Birtwistle Specifying and Verifying TK Abstract
Thursday 22nd Moved to Thursday ARG Mike Gordon Combining Deductive Theorem Proving with Symbolic State Enumeration
23rd October Andrew Pitts A New Approach to Abstract Syntax Involving Binders Abstract
Monday 26th October
In Au 310 at 3:30pm
Ursula Martin Computer algebra and theorem proving: a pragmatic approach Abstract
30th October
6th November Keith Wansbrough Once Upon a Polymorphic Type Abstract
13th November Peter Potts Exact Real Arithmetic using Mobius Transformations Abstract
20th November Martin Hofmann Linear types and non-size increasing polynomial time computation Abstract
27th November
30th November Joseph Kiniry Reuse in Open Distributed Systems Abstract
4th December M. Randall Holmes The Watson Theorem Prover Abstract

Lent Term

(Tuesday 12th January - Friday 12th March)

8th January Martin Otto Algorithmic Aspects of Model Theory in a Modal Scenario Abstract
13th January Anna Philippou Behavioural Equivalences for Probabilistic Systems Abstract
12th February Yuri Gurevich Abstract State Machines Abstract
19 February Masahiro Fujita Modeling the unknown! Towards model-independent fault and error diagnosis Abstract
5th March Furio Honsell pi-calculus in coinductive type theory Abstract
12th March Marieke Huisman Reasoning about Java classes Abstract
26th March Wayne Luk Pebble: A Language For Hardware Research and Teaching Abstract

Easter Term

(Tuesday 20th April - Friday 11th June)

Date Speaker Title
23rd April Susan Stepney Formal Refinement in Z: an electronic commerce application Abstract
28th May Stefano Guerrini An overview of lambda-calculus optimal reductions and of their implementation Abstract
4th June Julian Rathke Towards a theory of bisimulation for local names Abstract
Thursday 10th June
at 3pm
Lauri Hella Logics with Aggregate Operators Abstract
11th June Thomas Forster Better-Quasi-orders and Coinduction Abstract
18th June Markus Wenzel Isar - a Generic Interpretative Approach to Readable Formal Proof Documents Abstract
Thursday 24th June
at 3pm
Anil Seth On the Expressive Power of Finitely many Generalized Quantifiers Abstract
23rd July
at 3pm
Alan Jeffrey A Distributed Object Calculus Abstract
3rd September
Daniel Leivant Intrinsic theories Abstract
17th September
John C. Reynolds Reasoning About Shared Mutable Data Structure Abstract
24th September
Carl A. Gunter Formal Verification of Standards for Distance Vector Routing Abstract

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