Current Weather Snapshot

Note: if the wind speed is zero, the wind direction (if shown) is that when the wind was last blowing.

Cambridge Computer Laboratory Rooftop Weather at 11:42 AM on 16 Apr 14:

Temperature:  11.8 C
Pressure:     1029 mBar
Humidity:     55 %
Dewpoint:     3.0 C
Wind:         6 knots from the SE
Sunshine:     5.2 hours (today)
Rainfall:     0.0 mm since midnight

Summary:      sunny, cool, windy

Cambridge Weather
At 11:42 - sunny, cool, windy, 11.8 C
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    DTG Weather - James Snee

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The current Cambridge weather readings, as taken on the roof of our building by the DTG Weather Station, are displayed on the dials on this page. For those with text-only browsers, the textual representation of this data can also be accessed here. An RSS feed of the current observations is also available.

Historical Data since 1995

We keep an archive of Cambridge weather data since 1995:

Daily: text or graphs
Monthly: text or graphs

Other Information

If you're wondering what the "Dew Point" is, look here for a simple explanation, or here for more than you could possibly want to know.

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