Current Weather Snapshot

Note: if the wind speed is zero, the wind direction (if shown) is that when the wind was last blowing.

Cambridge Computer Laboratory Rooftop Weather at 11:29 PM on 22 Oct 14:

Temperature:  10.5 C
Pressure:     1023 mBar
Humidity:     85 %
Dewpoint:     8.1 C
Wind:         0 knots from the SW
Sunshine:     3.2 hours 09:44
Rainfall:     0.0 mm since 09:44

Summary:      humid, cool, calm

Cambridge Weather
At 23:29 - humid, cool, calm, 10.5 C

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The dials show the current Cambridge weather readings, as taken on the roof of our building by the DTG Weather Station. Also available as:

Archive data since 1995


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Other info

If you wonder what "Dew Point" means, see here for a simple explanation, or here for more than you want to know.