Cambridge Computer Laboratory, 27 February 2014
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford

Student Presentations

This conference is aimed to give a perfect opportunity to present your research and get a valuable feedback in a very open, friendly and informal environment. We hope that you will join us for this wonderful conference, which will help create connections between female computer scientists in Cambridge and Oxford!

Current undergraduate, MPhil/MSc and PhD/DPhil female students are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations on their topic of research. The deadline for submission is 14th February 2014. Presentations will be 8 minutes long, followed by 4 minutes questions and discussion.

The Selection Committee will review all abstracts for presentations. Notifications of acceptance for presentations will be sent by 20th February 2014. All rejected presentations will be offered a poster slot.


Session 1 (12:00 – 13:00)

Marwa Mahmoud (Cambridge) Interpreting hand-over-face gestures
Anna Zawilska (Oxford) Surfacing Collective Intelligence with Implications for Interface Design in Massive Open Online Courses
Elizabeth Phillips (Oxford) A Data-Reachability Model for Elucidating Privacy and Security Risks related to the use of Online Social Networks
Annalisa Occhipinti (Cambridge) A new challenge for mathematics and computer science
Claudia Grigore (Oxford) Supporting Agent Systems in the Programming Language

Session 2 (14:00 – 15:00)

Jingjing Shen (Cambridge) Trimmed NURBS Surfaces to Untrimmed Subdivision Surfaces
Flora Ponjou Tasse (Cambridge) Partial 3D Shape Retrieval
Varduhi Yeghiazaryan (Oxford) Fast Marching Method for Organ Identification in CT Images
Ploy Pratanwanich (Cambridge) Bayesian approaches for learning biological pathway-based latent variables
Melissa Wu (Oxford) Unicellularity to Multicellularity: A Peak Though the Genome of Pleodorina starii