Cambridge Computer Laboratory, 27 February 2014
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford

Poster Session

This conference is aimed to give a perfect opportunity to present your research and get a valuable feedback in a very open, friendly and informal environment. We hope that you will join us for this wonderful conference, which will help create connections between female computer scientists in Cambridge and Oxford!

Current undergraduate, MPhil/MSc and PhD/DPhil female students are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations or posters on their topic of research. The deadline for submission is 14th February 2014. Posters can be up to size A1.

The Selection Committee will review all abstracts for presentations, whereas all poster abstracts will be accepted. Notifications of acceptance for presentations will be sent by 20th February 2014. All rejected presentations will be offered a poster slot.

Posters (15:00 – 16:00)

Zhen Bai (Cambridge) An Augmented Reality Puppet System to Promote Social Pretend Play for Preschool Children
Luana Fagarasan, Tamara Polajnar (Cambridge) Learning Type-Driven Tensor-Based Meaning Representations
Ekaterina Kochmar (Cambridge) Detection and Correction of Determiner and Preposition Errors
Ines Marusic (Oxford) Relating ACIT to Equivalence Testing for Multiplicity Tree Automata
Yoli Shavit (Cambridge) Computational Modelling of the Nuclear Interactome: The earliest Target for Personalized Medicine
Marianna Taffi (Cambridge) A Systems Biology and Ecology framework for Bioaccumulation and Bioremediation in contaminated food web
Oana Tifrea (Oxford) Query Answering in Probabilistic Datalog+/- Ontologies under Group Preferences
Helen Yannakoudakis (Cambridge) Automating L2 acquisition research: An interdisciplinary perspective
Olivia Waring (Oxford) Using diagrammatic calculus and conjecture synthesis to facilitate reasoning about quantum information flow