Photos of the Computer Laboratory: outside

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Outside the William Gates Building

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This is the west front of the building and incorporates the main entrance (in the centre).

This is the west front of the building with the bicycle park on the left and the glass-walled cafeteria on the right. The students' entrance is in the centre of the picture, approached alongside the wall of one of the lecture theatres.

The southwest corner, and the south side of the building.

The south side of the building.

The east side (or rear) of the building.

Looking along J J Thomson Avenue towards the Madingley Road. On the left is the avenue with its newly planted trees. To the right of the path is the Computer Laboratory covered bicycle park.

Inside the covered bicycle park, with the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine in the distance.

These pictures were taken in March 2002 by Christine Northeast

Inside the William Gates Building.

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