Photos of the Computer Laboratory: inside

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Inside the William Gates Building

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"The Street". On the left are the lecture theatres and on the right is one of the two courtyards.

One of the two courtyards.

One of the lecture theatres. The lecturer's desk has not yet been put in place.

The Library.

The Cafeteria.

Buying coffee in the servery.

The first floor, outside the lecture theatres - the chairs and tables were placed there for students as a "hangout area".

One of the many meeting rooms.

"The Street" viewed from the second-floor landing. The practical laboratory is on the left.

The practical laboratory for Computer Science students, on the second floor. This photograph was taken during the Group Project Presentations in March 2002.

Looking along J J Thomson Avenue from the terrace (outside the practical laboratory on the second floor).

These pictures were taken in March 2002 by Christine Northeast

Outside the William Gates Building.

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