SEGA Nomad game console based system for analysing of a human eye topography (keratometer system)

Sergei P. Skorobogatov
sps32 (at)

This device is a special frame grabber with data analysis software based on a SEGA Nomad 16-bit game console. The whole design fits into the standard SEGA cartridge and can be used on any 16-bit SEGA game console like SEGA Genesis or SEGA Megadrive. SEGA Nomad was used for portable applications. The cartridge has video input connector and any standard CCD video camera can be plugged into it. For eye topography measurement a high resolution monochrome CCD camera must be used. In addition the special lenses must be attached to the camera to allow making images of the eye at a 2-3 cm distance. The camera is focused on the eye cornea surface and captures the image produced by the light circle source.

This is a very specific device necessary for eye surgery clinics only.

Device at work Cartridge top Cartridge back

This project took place in 1999-2000 as a part of my work together with the ophthalmologic centre "Prozrenie". I designed the cartridge schematic and software and they designed the camera block with optics and the printed circuit board of the cartridge according to my specification. Then I assembled several samples of the cartridges for further clinical testing.

Board top Board back

Ispolzovanie Programmiruemyh Logicheskih Integralnyh Shem v Oftalmologicheskih Ustrojstvah //Electronics, Micro- and Nanoelectronics. MEPhI, Moscow, 1999, pp.99-103

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