VGA/SVGA hardware stimulator for reducing of eye tention during work at CRT Monitors

Sergei P. Skorobogatov
sps32 (at)

This device can be plugged between any graphic card and CRT monitor. It dedicated to reduce eye tention caused by the flickering images of the CRT monitor. Each 1-2 seconds it replaces the whole image with the specially designed pattern which stimulates the eyes and reduces the tention caused by long work at a CRT display. The period and the size of the patterns suitable for each individual person can be set via special interface cable.

VGA stimulator

I designed the prototype of this device as a part of my work together with the ophthalmic centre "Prozrenie" in 1998. After about a year of the clinical testings they found this device effective for partial reduction of the eye tention. After that we patented this technology and about 20 of such devices were produced under my supervision for further clinical testings at other organisations.

Inside the VGA stimulator Inside the VGA stimulator

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