Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour (SHB 2020)

June 18–19, Cambridge


The workshop will be held online in 2020. We hope to meet in person on June 3-4 2021 in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Here are the position papers of the speakers. All timings are UTC+1 (British Summer Time).

Thursday 18 June

1200 Session 1 – Who are the criminals? Chair: Ross Anderson

1330 tea break

1345 Session 2 – Privacy and usability. Chair: Alice Hutchings

1515 lunch break

1530 Session 3 –Considering other users. Chair: Bruce Schneier

1700 Virtual drinks – bring your own tea, coffee, beer wine etc depending on taste and timezone

Friday 19 June

1200 Session 4 – Risk and fear. Chair: Eliot Lear

1330 tea break

1345 Session 5 – Security behaviour. Chair: Alessandro Acquisti

1505 coffee break

1520 Session 6 –Where are we going? Chair: Judith Donath

1700 Virtual drinks once more!

People who registered for the in-person event but have not yet sent in a paper to book a speaking slot for the online meeting: Andrew Adams, Nicolas Christin, Jeremy Epstein, Tom Holt, Matthew Williams