Piete Brooks

Piete Brooks

[LAB PHOTO OF PB] home, cgi, links, dir and own home page. (sys)

qgo-0.2-b1.i586.rpm goban-1.0-1.i386.rpm My interests include

Testing URLS: (£ £)

1 1876 env ( march misc misc:8000 bescot:8000 ) P900 WRL wales Egypt 2 lm342 1 lm342 2 TEST: flash 2 98bootdisc java RealPlay pdf au ra Google Add Add FSC building (sunstudies14), TSSH r r 5 5 https MG MG MG java sim DON'T
moz2_0.zip for CA-96.05 available from doc.ic

Get http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~ci2/ssh/. Unpack ssh3298059 into \Program Files\ssh Unpack "crypl110" into a tempo dir, and move (only) crypt32.dll (may need to set "display all files" to see it) into the ssh dir. Start an X server, start ssh, and bingo ...

Some ideas from the excellent page http://zikzak.zikzak.net/~acb/hacks/htmlth.html !

Make Image Maps 1 2 email

HTML: ncsa.uiuc.edu HTMLPrimer, w3.org MarkUp, w3.org REC-html40, werbach barebones. The Compendium of HTML Elements, The HTML Reference Library - downloadable help file Our page may help:

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University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
New Museums Site, Pembroke Street
Cambridge CB2 3QG

E-mail:    pb@cl.cam.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 1 223 334659 Facsimile: +44 1 223 334678 Telex: via 81240 CAMSPL-G PGP: fingerprint is B6 69 EB 74 CA 38 74 18 82 9C 57 9F 78 D2 3B C4 E-mail: +pb@cl.cam.ac.uk